Our Philosophy

CTS Forex system is the result of more than a decade of experience, research, development, and testing. Our robust trading model has not required calibration since May 2010. CTS Forex system is not using high-frequency trading nor fundamental analysis. Price is our only input, and the average hold time of our trades is 24 hours, with a maximum hold time of 2 weeks. Each of our trades is placed with a strict stop loss, and there is no holding of large losing trades.

Our philosophy is to cut our losses short and let our profits run. We only need 45% winning trades to break even, and 50% winning trades to generate significant profits. CTS Forex's system consists of six trading models, each of which analyzes foreign exchange markets from a different perspective. Two models track up markets, while others specialize in tracking down and sideways markets. This approach offers greater market insight than single, multi-purpose algorithms. Automated systematic trade initiation eliminates a major problem with the older, signal-based, manual trading technique by helping investors react more quickly to market changes.

CTS Forex is actively working with several high profile professors in mathematics, computational finance, and computer science at the University of Calgary to create new analytical models and trading tools for foreign exchange markets. Continuous product improvement and constant innovation through research will allow CTS Forex to maintain its competitive advantages.

Given that speculative currency trading presents the risk of substantial losses, only persons with high net worth and the ability to absorb such losses should consider participating in the programs offered.


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