About Us

CTS Forex is D/B/A of Winsor Global Financial Inc., a Canadian-owned company specializing in the foreign exchange market. Winsor Global Financial Inc. is a registered B.C. corporation and is a member of the NFA (ID 0469150). Our vision is to apply our innovative market research and system development to provide value to our investors.

Winsor Hoang is the founder and CEO of CTS Forex, an automated, statistical, risk-managed FX trading system. Using his statistical and automated system design experience at Nortel Networks, RIM, and Sierra Wireless, Winsor has successfully transitioned to automated trading system development. He is committed to systematic trading to provide consistency and strict risk management. Mr. Hoang earned a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Victoria. His licenses include series 3 and 34. CTS Forex's systematic trading has the advantage of imposing strict risk discipline, avoiding emotionally induced errors, and capturing profitable opportunities, 24 hours a day. If you are interested in more information about our Managed Forex accounts, please contact us at (604)603-1889 or winsor@ctsforex.com.

Given that speculative currency trading presents the risk of substantial losses, only persons with high net worth and the ability to absorb such losses should consider participating in the programs offered. A participating customer must select a Forex Broker to maintain its accounts. CTS Forex will not hold customers' funds, securities, commodities, or other property. A participating customer retains ultimate control over his or her accounts.


3947 Knight Street, Vancouver, BC, V5N 3L8 Canada Tel:1(604)603-1889 Fax:1(888)548-7488 info@ctsforex.com