Trường Việt Ngữ Calgary


Discover Our Interactive Learning Experience:

  1. Vibrant Imagery: Engage with eye-catching visuals in every lesson.
  2. Animated Companion: Learn with a fun, animated guide.
  3. Intuitive Interface: Experience easy, user-friendly navigation.
  4. Gamified Learning: Enjoy learning with points, levels, and rewards.
  5. Unlimited Replayability: Listen to lessons multiple times for mastery.
  6. Voice Recording & Comparison: Record your voice, compare and improve.
  7. Rich Vocabulary: Each lesson introduces 20 new words.
  8. Example Sentences with Images: Understand words better with examples and visuals.
  9. Customized Learning: Enjoy a learning path tailored just for you.

Experience Fun and Creative Vocabulary Practice:

  1. Contextual Learning: Select the right words to fit into sentences, enhancing understanding.
  2. Interactive Feedback: Press play to hear if your sentence creations are correct.
  3. Repetitive Learning: Listen to Vietnamese sentences as many times as needed for mastery.
  4. Encourage Creativity: Make silly, creative sentences – it’s not just about being correct, but also about having fun.
  5. Social Learning Challenge: Share your quirky sentences with friends and challenge their creativity.
  6. Promote Enjoyable Learning: Embrace the joy in learning while improving your listening skills.
  7. Continuous Encouragement: Be constantly motivated to listen and learn Vietnamese in an engaging way.

Discover the Joy of Learning with Việt Word Finder Puzzle:

  1. Tailored Learning: Recognizing that each child learns uniquely, our word finder puzzle caters to various learning styles.
  2. Spelling Mastery: Enhance familiarity with Vietnamese spelling and word recognition through engaging puzzles.
  3. Dynamic Interaction: Words are automatically crossed out when found, adding a satisfying interactive element.
  4. Auditory Learning Support: Each discovered word is read aloud, reinforcing vocabulary through sound.
  5. Ever-Changing Challenges: With an advanced placement algorithm, enjoy a fresh puzzle every time. The 20 vocabulary words shuffle positions in each new game, ensuring a unique, non-repeating experience.
  6. Unlimited Play: Generate and play endlessly, perfect for continuous learning and fun.

Each puzzle is a new journey in word discovery, tailored to enhance recognition and understanding, all while engaging multiple senses.

Transform Spelling into an Adventure:

  1. Dynamic Learning: Engage with vibrant images and sounds. Make every spelling lesson an exciting journey.
  2. Challenge Friends: Compete for the 3 flowers status. Climb up the leaderboards with friends.
  3. See Growth in Action: Earn points and watch your magical plant evolve. Experience learning as it blooms.
  4. Easy and Smart: Our intuitive controls and smart layout simplify vocabulary learning.
  5. Learn from Mistakes: We encourage revisiting and correcting spelling errors. Every mistake is a chance to learn.

Join a world where spelling is more than just words. Grow your knowledge, compete with friends, and watch your virtual plant thrive. Discover the joy of learning with every step!

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